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Falling Behind
Title frame for "Falling Behind."

Featuring Rachel
Rachel Whang, Official ROX Photographer and Quilting Consultant.

J Tube Tube
Getting self-reflexive.

Converse Corner
B welcomes the viewers to Converse Corner.

J mixes the Pisser to celebrate love gone sour.

BJ Indiana
"There's a hell of a lot of urinals in here!"

Brad & Cheryll
Brad and Cheryll share a spotlight dance on their wedding day.

Cold's Banishment Tea
We got some Cold's Banishment Tea from the local headshop, the Eye.

Do Not Try This At Home: B
Editor B does a Big Lot.

Horror Monster
And who wouldn't be frightened by this unearthly apparition?

Tea for Alex
Alex hosts a tea party.

Julie Against Cops
Julie thought all the cops in Bloomington should be fired.

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