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Joe's Turd
Title frame for "Joe's Turd."

Profile: Editor B

Cruciform 6
xxyy - bbxx - aayy = 0

Urine Dance
A quick check of the catalog reveals an interesting treatise on the "urine dance" of the Zuni Indians.

Eye, Rachel
The eye of Rachel Whang.

Eric Interview
Eric talks about police-community relations.

Betty Shock
Brown Betty rocks Culture Shock '93.

Flying Hubbard
A space alien, cleverly disguised as a hubbard squash, makes an exploratory flight through our living room.

Humanoid Head
Could this have been used as a 'frenzy object'?

Best DML Title
Title frame for "The Best of Disturbed Monkey Love."

J&B enjoy a couple of fine beers from Cherryland Crewing Company of Door County, Wisconsin.

J&B in the Rain
J&B: Two dumb Hoosier fucks who don't know enough to come in from the rain.

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