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June 14th, 2018:

Hot Damiana

J never gave this drink an official title. Note that Damiana is an herbal liqueur from Mexico.


1 cup coffee
1 oz Damiana Liqueur


Float the liqueur on top of the coffee.


3 the Fast Way

A fabulous combination of flavors


one shot of Laphroaig single malt Scotch whiskey 
one shot of Hot Damn! cinnamon schnaps  
one shot of Malibu coconut-flavored rum


Down all three in rapid succession.

Do not try this at home.

Whisky Fastball

Communism is good

Mix this in the bathroom of your favorite restaurant when you're in a hurry.


mini bottle of scotch
pre-filled glass of Sprite, 7Up, or other clear sugary soda water type stuff (with ice)


Pour it all in and stir it around.

Distinctly fast-paced.

June 9th, 2018:

Misfit Love

What a great episode! It implicitly asks the eternal question: are we all just puppets playing ourselves? All I remembered from that night was being embarrassed by my vocal impression of Bobby Knight. But looking back at the show, I really put a lot of energy into that narration & evil boss character. I love that Christy is so nervous, happy & freaked out by the experience of getting married that she laughs through the whole courthouse ceremony. It’s super sweet.

The sketchy sound quality of the live puppet show necessitated the outdoor takes and cutting back & forth keeps the show a bit more visually appealing. Strange that nobody pushed puppet Christy’s hair out of her face even after the intermission. I thought the rhyming script was witty & hilarious and kudos to J & Kelley for smooth & awesome performances. The fact that Jeff Lee lent his skills to constructing a puppet stage and Angela, Christy, Amanda & and Mr. G created those magnificent puppets really shows you the esteem that XY & B were held to in the community. What a talented group of misfits.

June 4th, 2018:

Up all Nite, all nite, Up all nite, So right, Up all nite, tonight

You all know me as T Black. Thankfully I operate under many aliases to keep myself one step ahead and in this episode of ROX #55 entitled Up All Nite, our hero needs to accomplish two specific goals. One: change his sleeping pattern in order to begin another new job in his career and two get his worldly possessions out of an abandoned home before felony burglary charges are levied.

One punchline is that the job itself only lasted from the day of production through the day of release of the episode. My comic sensibilities always trump life responsibilities. 12 hours a night? Six days a week?? I was more interested in the experience than the job stability. My riders ranged from drunks, to tweakers, to vandals on the run, and strippers who loved getting me high. But most of the time I was sitting in my car, in the lot, in the cold, watching time tick tick tick away. So I quit…

I took the job to remedy the loneliness and isolation I had been feeling while living on the street. The secondary primary goal of staying up all nite was to get my shit out of the abandoned house I’d been caught living in by a neighbor. That house was a just remedy from the cold. Before that, I was sleeping in 3rd street park or the woods on campus. I was in an out of homelessness for over two years. Going homeless was meant to be a rebellion against society, a strength and character building exercise, a desire to be mobile, and great television content… But the deeper I got into it the more it fucked with my psychology and world view.

BUT, thanks to Frank, Amanda and JBXY I made it through that night, the following week and to the My favorite to episodes of the season: Coping with the Shock and J&B Get Baked. (lights up a joint) some things ain’t never gonna change….

June 1st, 2018:

Tickets are on sale now

Tickets for the ROX live event (26 June 2018) are on sale now. We're pleased as punch to announce this will be a fundraiser for WFHB community radio.

We're promoting this event primarily through grassroots marketing: word of mouth and social media. Please help spread the news among your networks.

Get more details, and purchase your tickets, via The Comedy Attic.

May 24th, 2018:

Wedding Anniversary


1 oz vodka
1 ox Galliano
½ oz Campari
orange juice


Shake first three ingredients with ice. Strain into a glass and top with orange juice.

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Freestanding Urinals
You can still find a few freestanding urinals, usually in older buildings.

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