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August 6th, 2014:

Beer, Beer, Brings Great Cheer

Back in the day, we didn't really like mixed drinks. It was just a routine, a concept for our little TV show. When the cameras were off, we preferred beer, if we drank at all.

But, being naive kids, we didn't really know jack about beer, or anything else for that matter. So we invited our friend Russ to school us and our viewers in an episode dedicated entirely to beer.

(Just a few weeks before, we'd been set to do a show about homebrewing with Russ, but J dropped the camera from his motorcycle on the way...)

You have to give Russ credit. He did his best. He suffered through our tomfoolery with considerable grace, and made a game effort to explain the finer points of our favorite beverage.

Besides the pathetically bad lighting up there in the attic, this show is marred by some sort of rolling horizontal glitch in the video.

The weird transitions in this program seem sort of random at first — video games and noise — but then they turn into scenes from the bowling alley. You might think this was a clever juxtaposition on my part. After all, what goes better with beer than bowling? However, I assure you that this was a complete coincidence. The transitional material was entirely random. It was simply what we had on hand, the stuff we'd videotaped that week.

You can't really tell, but I was so stoned at the end of this episode that I felt ill. Don't do drugs, kids; it's not worth it.

May 8th, 2014:

Spitting Rhymes for 99

When Editor B appeared before the City Council to accept the mayor's proclamation for International ROX Day, he surprised most everyone present by... well, you just have to see this for yourself.

We need all the likes we can get.
Cuz we got all the haters that we need.

Please like our video on YouTube and share on Facebook, Twitter and all relevant social media.

Better yet, why not insert yourself into the program?


Record yourself rapping your own verse of "I Need All the Likes I Can Get" and send it to us and we'll add you to a forthcoming episode of ROX. Your rap can be of any length, just make sure you start with the line "I Need All the Likes I Can Get." (If you're feeling community-minded, or royal, you can say "we".)

When your video's ready, or if you have any questions, contact Editor B.

April 19th, 2014:

A Buzz Sustained

ROX #60 covers the immediate aftermath of ROX #59 and as such the two should really be watched back to back for maximum impact. ROX #59 was intended as a provocation, and ROX #60 demonstrates that the provocation was at least partially successful.

Said aftermath was mainly a blitz of media coverage. As shown here, the three network affiliates from Indianapolis (that's ABC, CBS & NBC) did stories on us, plus we got some air time on AM1370. That was of course only the beginning. We didn't know that Howard Stern played a clip on his show. We didn't know the government would denounce us as anarchists. We didn't know our antics would land us on MTV. All that came later. This show documents what happened during that first week, and as such it takes on the air of a celebratory victory lap. Or perhaps a victory toke.

The scandalized media reactions seem dated by 2014 standards, as various states consider legalizing marijuana for recreational use. By contrast our pro-legalization message seems prescient. Yet in all the media frenzy, not one reporter picked up on what should have been the most controversial segment from ROX #59, namely kids smoking dope in a public park. I think that proves none of them actually watched our show all the way through to the end.

I was too stoned for the interview with channel 6, and I regret that. It's embarrassingly evident when I lose my train of thought mid-sentence. Marijuana can suppress certain executive functions of the mind, inhibiting short-term memory and making the user feel caught up in the moment. Obviously, however, I was a little too caught up.

I'm tickled that one of the news crews stopped Chris Gaal for a “man on the street” interview. What are the chances? He was fully supportive and said he watched ROX “religiously.” Now he's the Monroe County Prosecutor. That's just plain awesome.

My favorite moment is when J raises a toast “to 60 episodes of stupid crap on television!” I'm so glad that ended up on the evening news.

A couple of seasonal references crop up in the show. We're not just excited about our nascent notoriety, we're excited about the advent of spring, and indeed this episode seems athrob with a certain vernal vitality. Worm's stunt on the bike is supremely silly. She told me she had an idea, and so I popped out the camera and we shot some video. It may seem hard to believe, but I honestly didn't think the towel drop was intentional at the time. It was only years later that it dawned on me that maybe, just maybe, she did that on purpose. She never said so, but I wonder. It's just a little too contrived and how would the segment have ended otherwise?

TBlack's homemade t-shirt was a timely tribute to Kurt Cobain, who had been found dead only days before. Some might find it offensive or tasteless but it was very punk rock, and I think Kurt would have approved whole-heartedly.

I do wonder about some things. Should we have been more serious, more strident, more focused on the harms of prohibition? At least this episode has a segment hinting at the harsh realities of interdiction and prison. Dale had some footage obtained from the police which showed, for example, the operation of their fake hydroponics store, but we ended up not using it for fear it might make things tougher for him down the line. I certainly wish we'd done more to connect the dots between buying and selling. The party atmosphere is fun, but it's good to remind even the casual smoker of their complicity in this screwed-up system.

I'm glad we ended with an expression of gratitude to the Bloomington community. That was classy, and it proves we weren't always totally narcissistic and self-obsessed. A fine finale for our second season.

February 18th, 2014:

Attack of the Dutchbots has been offline for most of the past week. We were shut down by our host because of an unwarranted consumption of resources which was destabilizing our shared server.

They seemed to feel the culprit was a gnarly database query coming from the scripts that power this site. This might seem plausible since said scripts were hand-coded by Editor B, who knows just enough to be dangerous. However, the query in question has been running ever since we moved to DreamHost five years ago, without incident.

Upon examining our access logs, it was evident that was getting a barrage of visits from a handful of IP addresses in the Netherlands. These were presumably some sort of bot, possibly malicious.

We blocked these IP addresses. The attack seems to have subsided. Perhaps the Dutch bots got bored.

Anyhow, is back online. Did you miss us?

December 27th, 2013:

Synopsis & Review by BB, April 2000

This synopsis and review of ROX #64 was submitted by a friend,
but it took thirteen years for us to get it on the site.

"Yeah, but you know, sometimes you have to be an asshole; you have
to go to an extreme in order to have any effect at all. That's the credo
by which I've lived my life, and it has served me well."--B

J Begins by reading a letter from Joseph E. Mills III of Governor's
Commission for a Drug-Free Indiana. He is reacting to a previous episode,
“J & B Get Baked,” in which J and B do just that. Mills threatens to urge
local politicians to reexamine the franchise agreement with the TV cable
company and accuses J & B of “the overt promotion of anarchy.” Eric and
some local radicals explain their definitions of the term
“anarchy.” Meanwhile, Jenny is preparing to participate in Critical Mass,
an event in which bicyclists attempt to take over the streets. J
interviews Police Chief Steve Sharp, who says he will not bother the
bicyclists so long as they don't disrupt traffic (which is kind of the
point). Soon the event begins and police are arresting bicyclists left and
right. One particularly bad scuffle happens in front of the Sample Gates,
where cops force a couple to the ground and handcuff them. Yelling and
screaming ensue. The following day, the _Bloomington Herald-Times_ runs a
story with a headline that says something to the effect of "Bicyclists'
tactics rile police.“ J responds, ”There's a pro-police bias to this
newspaper. If you haven't caught that since living in this town, you need
to go back three spaces and, uh, turn in four dollars of your play
money." Later, the ROX cast and friends gather for a pumpkin-carving
party. Later still, “Rev. P.W. Bell” shows viewers how they can make a red
box, which is a device that fools pay phones into thinking you've already
put in money by making a certain electronic sound into the receiver.

This is one of my favorite episodes, for two reasons. First,
whenever this show gets something like police brutality (or other
authoritarian overreactions) on film, it metamorphoses from a cute
little show about mixed drinks into journalism. Second, I like the way the
whole show sticks to the theme of anarchy, showing what could
be considered an act of anarchy (Critical Mass), a drink inspired by an
anarchist/communist, and how to make your own anarchy (the red box).

July 7th, 2013:

Happy (Inter) National ROX Day

It's official. Mark Kruzan, mayor of Bloomington, Indiana, has proclaimed July 7 as National ROX Day. Thanks to all who signed our petition, and thanks especially to Council Member Steve Volan for his stalwart advocacy.

More to come. Much more. Right now we're too busy celebrating to explain but we'll have some video for you eventually.

June 15th, 2013:

Tussin Up

Knew about it for years. Didn't try it till after I got to Chicago. Bought a bottle at the grocery in Wicker Park. Drank it all on the the walk back home. Garnered some giggles from a couple of guys on the way, as they recognized the bottle I was tippin' up and knew where I was headin.' Spent the next 6 or 8 hours curled up in a ball of my room with my blankets as a man cave. Communicated only with our friend Liz via phone call to her office. Had to let someone know I was trippin' balls...“robitussin-psa”
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